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Spare Parts Forecast - SPF

The Spare Parts Forecast module was designed to support customers on adjusting their spare parts policy.


The calculation takes into consideration several variables such as number of items in operation, resupply time, item cost, etc. and most importantly, the reliability curve (life) of the spare part.


Data Type Entry

Number of items in Operation
Resupply Time
Resupply Time in Emergency
Spare Part Cost
Profit Loss due to Lack of Spare Parts
Probability of Repair before Resupply Time
Coverage Factor

Calculation Type

Non-Repairable Item - Risk Based
Non-Repairable Item - Cost Benefit
Repairable Item - Risk Based
Repairable Item -Cost Benefit

Life Distributions

Weibull 2 Parameters


Spare Part Forecast Table
Spare Part Forecast Plot

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