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What our users have to say about R4All?

"The R4ALL platform is an excellent tool for all professionals who work with applied reliability engineering to extract the highest value from assets throughout the life cycle.

The SAAS (Software as a Service) business model is very competitive and has a great cost-benefit ratio, as in a single platform it has powerful tools that complement each other for a complete analysis of the asset, also allowing quick access to information through devices as it does not require installation.

The system is easy to navigate, intuitive, with several statistical methods for different types of data, different distributions, flexibility in methods for estimating parameters and confidence limits supporting decision making in the triad: reliability, risk and cost.

It is an excellent investment to transform your professional career."

R.A. - Master Reliability Engineer

"The R4All is undoubtedly a major advance for reliability engineering.

A software with a friendly interface and with all the necessary features for an in-depth reliability analysis.

An important feature was the adoption of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which combines the benefits of cloud computing with the guarantee that we are working with software that is always up to date.

In the UTFPR Reliability Engineering specialization, we are already working with R4All and the results are very positive. In addition to the friendly interface, the analyzes and results obtained are very complete and very useful from a didactic point of view."

E.R. - Professor Doctor at Federal University

"I had the satisfaction of using the beta version of the R4all application / program for 12 months. During this time, I carried out several reliability studies related to critical processes and equipment in modern cellulose plants.

The functionalities provided were sufficient for the elaboration of Life Data Analysis with the survey of several reliability curves in a simple way in a friendly interface.

Finally, it is an innovative product and the SaaS model allows access to tools at low cost for any reliability engineer. R4all is undoubtedly a change in the level of reliability engineering and modern asset management."

L.A. - Reliability Engineering Consultant

"Online software with a light platform and a friendly and suggestive layout. Features are easily identified and you don't have to install anything on your computer, just access the site, log in and use it.

I really liked the methodologies used and tools like life data analysis (LDA), degradation analysis, accelerated life data analysis (ALTA), warranty analysis, reliability growth (RGA) and others. Everything works very fast and with good resources, like graphs and well elaborated reports.

The Software presents essential and efficient tools to develop a great work of Reliability Engineering, both in Maintenance and Product Development sectors"

Congratulations to the developers!"

F.C. - Reliability Engineering Senior Consultant

G.S. - Reliability Senior Consultant

"The initiative to provide the market with a SaaS tool, Web access and with acceptable and punctual costs is commendable and necessary. 

Until now, only large companies - with extremely intensive capital - with their own Engineering and Operational Research structures, can afford to invest in qualified personnel, high-cost and difficult-to-operate tools.

Reliability4All is an excellent initiative and here is my expectation of seeing the reliability reach the fleets of agricultural and forestry tractors, carriers, bus companies, Heavy Construction companies, etc.

The R4ALL tool, together with the training of qualified consultants to use it, will certainly bring a new level of performance to our Maintenance and Reliability Engineering segment."

"I have used Reliability4All platform since March 2020 and it is fantastic! 


Visually attractive and very friendly, it allows the precise interpretation of the reliability parameters, LDA, RGA and other items very quickly. The graphs are nice to see and there are options to insert data directly from Excel. In addition, it is possible to send data analysis to other users.


Accessing the platform directly on the website makes it even better because we can use the tool from any computer with internet access (no installation required).


Also the support team was sensational on solving my doubts. I


I used it to carry out many analyzes throughout the year and the tool has helped me a lot to perform my role. I use it and recommend it."

J.R. - Reliability Engineer

"The Reliability4Alll platform is efficient, accurate and offers great usability.


As an academic professional, I believe that this tool can contribute to the democratization of knowledge in reliability engineering, positively impacting the optimization of human and industrial assets."

A.C. - Professor Doctor at PUC University





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