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Left Truncated Data - LTD

Left Truncated Data module analyzes items with missing historical data. You will have access to the best mathematical algorithms to statistically analyze your data supporting your decisions in product development, asset management maintenance activities and more.


Data Type Entry

Exact Time - Failures
Exact Time - Failures/Suspensions
Exact Time - Grouped/Suspensions
Exact Time - Grouped/Failures/Suspensions

Interval Time - Failures
Interval Time - Failures/Suspensions
Interval Time - Grouped/Suspensions
Interval Time - Grouped/Failures/Suspensions

Life Distribution

Weibull 2 Parameters

Parameter Estimation Methods


Reliability Plots

Probability of Failure vs. Time (distribution paper)
Reliability vs. Time
Probability of Failure vs. Time
Pdf vs. Time
Failure Rate vs. Time
Optimum Replacement Interval Plot

Optimum Inspection Interval Plot

Reliability Calculations

R(t) - Reliability
F(t) - Probability of Failure
R(T/t) - Conditional Reliability
F(T/t) - Conditional Probability of Failure
BX Life
T(R) - Reliable Life
Mean Life
l(t) - Failure Rate
Parameter Bounds
Optimum Replacement Interval

Optimum Inspection Interval

Confidence Bounds

Methods: Fisher Matrix / Likelihood Ratio
Confidence Level
Confidence Bounds: Two Sided / Top One-Sided / Bottom-Sided

Other Features

Overlay plots - Multiple items in the same reliability plot
Report - All results and reliability plots in one page
Allow analyze several different items in one analysis
Allow send analysis to other users (R4All and External)

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