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Reliability Growth Analysis - RGA

Reliability Growth Analysis module was developed to allow you to analyze data from several types of events, including product development testing, failures in repairable systems, human errors, accidents, software failures, etc. You will have access to the best mathematical algorithms to statistically analyze your data and support your decisions.


Data Type Entry

Single System
Multiple System
Single System/Grouped

Analysis Type

Reliability Growth
Fielded Repairable System

Reliability Growth Model


Parameter Estimation Methods


Reliability Growth Plots

Cumulative Number of Failures
Instantaneous MTBF vs. Time
Cumulative MTBF vs. Time
Instantaneous Failure Intensity vs. Time
Cumulative Failure Intensity vs. Time

Reliability Growth Calculations

IMTBF(t) - Instantaneous MTBF
CMTBF(t) - Cumulative MTBF
IFI(t) - Instantaneous Failure Intensity 
CFI(t) - Cumulative Failure Intensity
T(IMTBF) - Time at Instantaneous MTBF
T(CMTBF) - Time at Cumulative MTBF
T(IFI) - Time at Instantaneous Failure Intensity 
T(CFI) - Time at Cumulative Failure Intensity
NOF(t) - Number of Failures
T(NOF) - Time at Number of Failures
Optimum Overhaul Time

Confidence Bounds

Methods: Fisher Matrix / Chi Squared
Confidence Level
Confidence Bounds: Two Sided / Top One-Sided / Bottom-Sided

Other Features

Overlay plots - Multiple items in the same reliability plot
Report - All results and reliability plots in one page
Allow analyze several different items in one analysis
Allow send analysis to other users (R4All and External)

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