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Updates July 2021


  • Weibull 1P 

  • Normal 1P 

  • Lognormal 1P 

  • Optimum Inspection Interval  


Bug Fix 

  • LDA/DA: fixed the distribution plot title 

Updates June 2021


New Modules

  • Spare Part Forecast – SPF

  • Warranty Analysis – Repairable Items



  • LDA and LTD Modules:

    • The Time to Failure will not be ordered automatically when user calculate. It was added an option to order the time to failure.

  • Warranty Analysis – Non-Repairable Items:

    • It was added the “Settings” option

    • Overlay Plot for the Life Data Analysis

    • More flexibility to enter periods (days, months, and years)

    • At the Forecast tab was added a horizontal scroll bar

  • User Guide was updated with the new modules and all enchantments.


Bug Fix

  • RGA/DA/LTD/WA_NRI/RTD: implemented automatic screen post after an analysis is deleted.

  • LDA: wrong message appearing when user change the item (“no data available in the spreadsheet”).

  • LDA/LTD: adjusted the order process for grouped data.

  • DA: The parameters of the degradation model presented inverted (a <-> b).

  • DA: solved an issue when importing more than 100 lines to the dataset.

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